Hair care tips

Everyone wants thick, long and shiny hair because our hair affects our personality a lot. If the hair is healthy and thick, it enhance the personality. But due to the runaway lifestyle of today, improper eating and lack of care , the hair dose not get complete nutrition. And they become lifeless before time. But by some great care u can get your hair's shine back. 

Ayurvedic remedy

Use pure oil to care for the hair. Mustard, olive or Bhringraj oil would be good. If pure oil is not available, choose only good and reliable company oil for hair. It is also appropriate to use coconut oil of a good company for hair, because the possibility of adulteration in this oil is less.

The best in Ayurveda for hair is Reetha, Shikakai and Triphala which includes Harada, Bahera and Amla. Remove all the seeds and make mixed powder. If the hair is long, then mix four spoons of powder in two cups of water and soak it overnight.  Apply it well in the morning and after half an hour wash it thoroughly with water. In this way, use it three days a week. It is best for hair care. It helps in preventing hair fall. If Russian is there, it ends that too.

What to eat for healthy hair

To prevent hair fall, digestible, light and nutritious food should be eaten. Do not eat too much fried food, because it can cause stomach problems, which is responsible for hair fall. Protein is beneficial for hair strength. Protein plays an important role in hair growth. Human hair contains about 65 to 95 percent protein. Protein and other nutrients such as vitamins and iron are necessary to make hair follicles, repair and maintain its tissue. 

Do give massage to the hair.  It provides nourishment to the hair.  Not only this, it also prevents dandruff or various types of infections.  Massage your hair with almond, olive or coconut oil twice a week.  Because this one work will bring new life to the hair.

Coconut milk for nutrition
Use coconut milk to nourish hair. Coconut milk not only nourishes the hair, it also lengthens the hair.

Increase shine with vinegar
Vinegar can be used to make hair shiny.  Vinegar contains potassium and enzymes. It reduces itching and dandruff from the hair roots. Apple vinegar can give new life to hair.  Applying apple vinegar to the hair gives just 5 minutes to the hair.

Remove dandruff from curd
To remove dandruff from hair roots, apply black pepper powder in three teaspoons of curd.  Wash it after half an hour.

Aloe vera gel
For strong and shiny hair, apply aloe vera gel twice a week on the roots of your hair.  By doing this, the hair will shine and hair loss will also be reduced.