How to make to do list

During my school days, I used to make a time table to read, I'm sure you must have been making it too or if you are student now, then maybe you are trying to follow a time table. 

I think the relation of studies and time table is very natural. In school, when we were always made a time table for which day, which subject would be the period then perhaps in our mind, it was unknowingly that the time to study The table itself is made.

And since the same thing is applicable to our parents also, they also knew only one way to read, and often used to hear it through their mouths, and from here we get into the habit of making Time Tables.

Make a time table and read it.

Well, it is ok about childhood even when we grow up, we do the same. The difference comes in the items mentioned in the time table. Previously where we used to write Physics, Chemistry, Maths while reading now. 

You may wonder what is wrong with it?  Working with a time table is a good thing! 

It is a good thing if they can follow, then!

Most of you would agree that the time tables made for studying in school days were never able to follow more than 2-3 days and we often made a new time table officials it?

And the same happens even more or less when we grow up, we design one of our routines ,will wake up at five in the morning...go to walk… and all that….  And many times we are not able to execute it on the very first day and soon that routine goes into the dust bin.  Why does this not happen?  

Come on, even if this thing were happening to some people, we could have said that the time table is an effective tool but some people are not able to use it properly, But here is the opposite case Only according to the time-table, the majority flunks.

So, for years, remove the approach that has been sitting in our mind to work by creating a time table to do things effectively and know that for the majority of people

What is a To-Do List?

To-Do List means a list in which you write what you have to do today.

For example: A student's to-do list can be:

 Chemistry assignment
 Have to go to school
 Have to go to tuition
 Playing cricket match
 Human anatomy study
 Prepare Independence Day Speech

How to use To-Do List:

Many people know about the To-Do List, but they do not know exactly how to use it.There are 3 steps to use the to-do list correctly:

Step 1.Create To-Do List:

Most leaders and personal development gurus recommend to make To-Do List before going to sleep at night or by getting up in the morning. Personally, I like to do this work in the morning because there is no compulsion to get up at a certain time, when I get up and settle down a little, then I prepare the list.

When creating a To-DO List, you should write down today's work randomly in a diary or a small spiral pad, it is not important to write down the important work first, just note the work that comes in the mind. 

While making this, keep in mind your limits, do not mentions more work than you can handle in a day.

One more thing ,creating a to-do list does not just mean reading, writing and planning serious work, in this you can also write light activities like watching movies, going to shopping, walking the child in the park, because ultimately everything that you do taking time is done in an effective and timely manner.

Step 2. Write down the time taken to do it against the items of the TO Do list:

Before doing this, you should have a fair idea of ​​how much time you have control over today, and you should plan within the same scope.

For instance, on a typical day, you know that school / office and daily routine activities; Just like you have 10 hours left after eating and drinking, then you should plan accordingly not to write more work in your to-do list which takes more than 10 hours to complete.

Step 3: Do today's planning - decide what to do at what time:

Now you also have to-do list tasks and you also know how much time it will take to do a particular task. Now you have to make your plan accordingly, so that the work that takes time can be given that much time.

Here you have to decide one more thing, that is - what is your MIT out of these listed tasks today? That is, what is your most important task today?

You decide it this way - you think that if you could do only one of these things, what would it be? And then try to complete the same work first. Of course, in this you cannot avoid the work of going to school or office, but in the time that is in your control, you should give it priority.

Some Other Tips :
- Always carry your to-do list together.
- When doing the most important work,   turn mobile silent.
- If the net is not working then turn it off   as well.
- If you are working on a laptop, then close    all the windows except the working 
- If you do not need an immediate email,   close it too.
- Think of the things used in the work and   collect them once, so that you do not   have  to get up again and again.
- Keep enough light in the room.
- As far as possible, work in seclusion.
 Take a 2–4 ​​minute break in case of   boredom.
- If you want, you can also write important   tasks like eating and drinking, bathing   and  washing in the to-do list and can   allocate specific time for them, I do like   this.

What if we miss a task?

So it does not matter. From CEOs to ordinary people, who work by making a to-do list, everyone's tasks are sometimes missed. Include the task that remains in the plan for the next day and try to complete it.

Friends, it is believed that 1 minute spent on making a to-do list saves you 15 minutes, so do this work comfortably and make your day productive by creating a doable practical plan.