A Weighted Blanket For your Sleep Troubles

The sleep of the night is called "Bhootadhatri" which is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Mother of the whole creation' just as the mother nurtures her children similarly your body nourishes you in the state of sleep. Having a deep sleep at night is important in your life. Sleep helps you to refresh your mind and body after a day of fatigue. Half or incomplete sleep causes difficulties such as grief, weakness, short life span, etc. Are you having trouble sleeping or waking up around 10 times during sleep at night? If your answer is yes then here is good news for you. Your blanket can help you in getting better sleep. I know you might be using a blanket every day. But for better sleep, you need a Weighted Blanket.
What is a weighted blanket?
As a name suggests weighted blanket or gravity blanket is a heavy blanket filled with material like plastic pellets. These blankets not only keep you warm but according to a theory, The pressure you feel creates a calming effect which makes you feel relax.
How does it tie in Mental Health or sleep?
Ever have those tight comforting type hugs? The kind that has just the right amount of pressure. For children, teens and adults alike being inside a weighted blanket is like being hugged or swaddled. Pressure helps you in decreasing the level main stress-causing hormone called cortisol and increases the amount of "Happy Hormones" such as serotonin and Dopamine. Not only that there are so many other benefits as well.
Weighted Blanket a Blanket with benefits
Reduce stress and anxiety
Weighted Blankets promote the production of serotonin and melatonin which reduces your stress and anxiety they also naturally improve your mood and promote relaxation.
Better Sleep
Minimizes Body Movement allowing a longer and deeper REM cycle. Quality sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle and essential in reducing risk factors to many diseases.
The weight eventually distributed throughout the entire blanket can be a great source of deep touch pressure. The pressure can reduce the body's fight or flight activity.
Concentrating or reading 
When concentrating on a task, wrap a flexible, soft weighted blanket around the shoulders
Deep pressure touch simulation 
Sensory integration
stimulates the body pressure pints for mood and sleep and has therapeutic benefits for anxiety. autism and sensory processing disorder.
Deep touch pressure is the type of surface pressure that is exerted in most types of firm touching holding or swaddling occupational therapists have observed that deep pressure is relaxing and calming.
Do you Recommend a weighted blanket?
Well, I highly suggest getting one! I currently own 2 of them Its really worth the shot and money if it means not only comfort but reducing the symptoms and response od common mental illness. It's not a cure, that's obvious, it is just a slice of heaven in the form of a blanket.
Note: Use blanket which weighs approximately 10% of your body weight. Individual preferences may vary. It is not recommended to put a blanket on someone who doesn't have ability to cover or remove a weighted blanket on their own.