5 Symptoms Of Depression You Need To Know

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Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. Every suicide is a tragedy that has long-lasting effects on peoples left behind..

There are many reasons behind suicide pain, anger, guilt, and depression are some of them. Some times it takes months or even a year for a person to forget about something that makes him anxious or stressed.

However, when these emotions make a permanent stay in our lives we keep feeling low. If affects how you feel think and act in your day to day life.

According to the world health organization over 90 million Indians, Suffered from mental health issues. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including:

  • Loss of Relationship or Job
  • Life experiences such as trauma or abuse
  • Biological problems, such as genes or brain chemistry
  • Stressful and busy life
  • Family history of mental health problems

Everyone has some problems in their life for which they feel depressed. In fact, many peoples tend to hide their problems from others and some may not even realize they are depressed or they don't want to admit it.

No matter how big your problem is suicide is not a solution for anything. Nothing lasts forever and your problems will also not last forever. Not sure if you or someone you know has mental health problems? then here are some hidden signs of depression you may have.

Early Warning Signs Of Depression –

1Change in sleep pattern

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You lie in bed worrying and thinking about so many things which makes you feel anxious and makes it almost impossible to have a better sleep. You may also be oversleeping.

2. Having low or no energy

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In many cases, people with significant stress feel like having low or no energy. They will not feel like doing anything unfortunately this situation will continue to get worsen if you don’t get help quickly.

3. Difficulty in concentrating

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You may lose your concentration easily. It will be difficult for you to get things done on time you will keep thinking about negative and forget to see about the positive side of life.

4. Getting angry over little things

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Anger will grab your head and you will keep yelling or fighting with your family and friends over little things. It’s just you will find reasons to remove your anger on someone you love and end up hurting the feelings of your loved ones.

5. Thinking of harming yourself or others

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If you are having such feelings. I will suggest you seek medical health as early as possible. Try focusing your mind or work and try to stay in crowded places and stay surrounded by peoples. Express what you feel with your friends and family and try to help yourself.