10 Ideas to start a business after lockdown

Most of the big trades that have taken place in India, most of them started on a small scale, and as time went on they became bigger. You all know that to start a business it is very difficult to invest money. This is the reason that first of all we should start small work.

In India after COVID 19  lots of business will be in crisis, nature of many business will be changed.

 After the lock-down, there will be some rules that will make the cost of new business and startup expensive, but market demand for some new types of products will increase. Some new opportunities for business will emerge.

After a market research here I'm sharing 10 business ideas after this lockdown. 

1. Making a vegetable washer. 
 You can start a business of making a vegetable washer machine. In this situation of COVID 19 people will buy vegetables as before, but there will also be fear of CORONA . Vegetables will not be cooked directly by taking vegetables from mandis or handcuffs. 
If you don't have enough budget to spend for making a machine, you can buy it in a bulk. Which is available  online Alibaba website. You will get at very cheap price in wholesale and will be sold in good profile. 

2. Medical mask, gloves and safety items manufacturing . 
Today mask become a part of our daily life. Not only for doctors, bt it also required for us to have a mask with you when you go out. In a hospital there is a need of safety kit for doctors, nurse and medical staff. When they interact with COVID 19 patients they need PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) kit , medical mask, gloves etc. , by which they can protect themselves from virus. If you start a business of making such things, you can earn easily .

3. Home made food art and craft business. 
For many people craft is hobby. But some people make extra income or even do it as a full-time job by selling craft. It is profitable business. Generally for the first it's difficult to start a business, but in the long term it can be profitable. It is better than 9-5 job. In long term you do not require more work. 

4. Android application creation services
If you're looking to get started quickly (and have a little Java background), a class like Introduction to Mobile App Development using Android could be a good course of action. 

5. Online bakery business
In today's time, people are worried due to low jobs, many people are in search of business idea, so today we are going to tell you about a business that you can earn a lot and in very few investments. Friends, food business is very common today, because people are very fond of food.
You can build around 8 to 10 bakery products with just one machine. You can start the industry by installing this machine in your home. That is, you can start a bakery from your home.

6. Proofreading and resume creating service. 
Proofreading means correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation. This work is really demanding. For proofreading you must have a good command of English. 

7. Graphic designing business
Graphic design is highly competitive industry. It is not hard if you have interest. It is not necessary to have a knowledge of drawing to become a graphic designer. Most graphic design isn't draw by hand. Graphic design is mainly used to promote a business.