Monday, 19 June 2017

Unknown Facts About Indian Hockey

Hockey, the national sport of India, was also the game that took India onto the world stage.

Till a few decades back, hockey in India used to be one of the most followed sports. The game not only used to get the same amount of love that cricket gets these days but to represent India in Hockey used to a be a dream of almost every young man.

Though over the years hockey in India has lost its shine, there was once a time no one in the world could match up to India in the game.

Here are some interesting facts about Indian Hockey you probably didn't know:

1. India was the first non-European country to join the International Hockey Fedration (FIH). The Indian Hockey Federation joined the Fih in 1928.
2. The Beighton cup is India's oldest Hockey Tournament. It started in 1895 and has been conducted continuously since then; even the world wars did not affect it.
3. All India Women's Hockey Federation was formed in 1947.
4. The Indian hockey team has the largest victory margin in a hockey pool match. India defeated USA 24-1 during the 1932 Olympics.
5. The Singh surname is so common that once a foreign journalist in his dispatch wrote, "Singh initiated the move. After dodging past the defender, Singh passed the ball to singh who centered it to Singh and Singh and Singh scored the goal with a reverse flick".
6. The largest number of consecutive victories in hockey belongs to India with 30 wins on the trot from 1928 to 1960.
7. The England Hockey team did not participate in any Hockey olympics from the year 1928 to 1947 as they were afraid of losing the match to one of their present ruled countries.
8. Between 1928 to 1956, the Indian team played a total of 24 matches in which they scored 178 goals and conceded just 7 goals.
9. Ajit Singh set two world records when he scored a single goal. He had scored the first goal on an artificial pitch during the 1976 Montreal Olympics and did it in just 15 seconds - the fastest ever goal in Olympic history.
10. Former Hockey player, Balbir Singh Sr., holds the Guinness World Record for scoring the most number of goals in an Olympics Hockey Final (5).


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