Monday, 5 June 2017

Reasons for Bubbles in Urine

When you pass urine, if the water is clear, your health is fine. But if the urine has a dark shade, odor and bubbles in it then it could indicate some problem.

Foamy urine can be due to dehydration too. When you are dehydrated, your urine tends to have protein and some chemicals in higher proportions. Drink lots of water.

Foamy urine is common during pregnancy. During pregnancy, kidneys have to overwork and protein could leak into the urine causing the foam.

When you are anxious or stressed up, your urine tends to be foamy or bubbly. The reason could be albumin, a protein present in urine. When kidneys undergo stress, the protein could leak into the urine.

Even diabetes can affect the kidneys and cause foamy urine. High blood sugar levels are bad for the kidneys

If the protein levels in the urine are too high, that condition is known as proteinuria. When kidneys are unable to properly filter the protein, it is better to consult a Docter

When bacteria infects the urinary tract, it could also cause foamy urine. Even UTI could cause leakage of protein into the urine.

Heart Issues
It could also be a symptom of cardiovascular issues. Alarmingly high levels of protein in the urine is linked to issues like stroke too


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