Saturday, 17 June 2017

Never compare yourself, Check out these reasons

You feel there are people around us who have in their lives. These are happy and successful people. But this is what you think about them as you don't know their journey and what they have done in their lives. You find yourself in inferiority situation. You feel that you are not good enough and lagged behind from them. And that is exactly how we jeopardize our mental peace. So, you advised stopping this habit of comparing yourself with others and start loving the qualities you have and your journey. Check out the reasons why making comparisons is not good.

Do you have the same priority as another person has?
If your answer is no then the comparison is just a waste. All are different and so their priorities in life.

Life is never been an easy job. So, never think that they got an easy victory. As nobody ever talks about the struggle they may have gone through so we develop a misconception. We only see a brighter side of others life, not their pains.

There is no doubt that our circumstances are different from others. Nobody knows how many times your dream has been snatched away from you and nobody can ever know how much strength it takes to still carry on like you have.

If you compare yourself with others then you are only taking the unnecessary burden on you. This will also distract you from your own goals. No two success stories are similar. So, don't think that way they got victories, you will get in the same manner.

You can't achieve anything if you just keep on comparing yourself to healthy competition but comparisons won't lead you anywhere. Success is defined in several ways so you decide your way


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