Sunday, 25 June 2017

Famous Logos With Hidden Message

Things aren't always what they seem at first glance and these logos prove it. Check out these 5 famous logos prove it. Check out these 5 famous logos that you may not have realized actually have a hidden double meaning.

1. FedEx
The shipping company's logo is probably one of the best-known in the world of "hidden image" logos. For those who are unaware, take a look between the "E" and the "X," where the negative space forms an arrow. 

2. Baskin-Robbins
Baskin-Robbins, owned by Dunkin' Brands, is the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, best known for its 31 flavors. The company's pink and blue logo depicts a large "BR" that doubles as the number "31."

3. LG
At first glance, the dark pink logo for LG Electronics looks like a winking face. But if you look a little closer, you'll see the face's "nose" is an "L" and the outline of the "face" is a "G." Some fans have even noted a similarity between LG's logo and a modified Pacman

4. Pinterest
The digital pinboard site, Pinterest, tied its logo directly into the social network's core. While the hidden image might not be immediately obvious, it is certainly fitting for the platform: the letter "P" doubles as a pin.

5. Toyota
This car manufacturer's logo certainly encompasses more than meets the eye. Toyota said that the three overlapping ovals on American vehicles "symbolize the unification of the hearts of our customers and the heart of Toyota products.


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