Sunday, 28 May 2017

Zika signs, symptoms, treatments

Zika Virus

The three cases that have been confirmed in India by the World Health Organisation are all from Gujarat's Ahmedabad area.

The terrifying mosquito-borne that claimed many lives in the United States, Brazil, and other countries has entered India, and the Ministry has confirmed that three cases of Zika virus have been identified in Ahmedabad Gujarat. It is crucial to identify the symptoms of this deadly virus spread by the daytime active Aedes mosquitoes. The infection, which is also known as Zika fever of Zika virus disease has already affected three people in the country, and it is important to take precautionary measures against the disease. The traditional saying of prevention is better that cure is the go-to motto when it comes to such deadly diseases.

What is Zika virus?

Zika Virus also known as ZIKV is a new strain of virus that belongs to the Flaviviridae, virus family. The name Zika virus has been derived from the Zika Forest of Uganda where the virus was first isolated back in 1947. The Zika virus disease often spreads in a similar manner or other mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, chicken guinea, etc. however, the most terrifying part of Zika virus outbreak is that the infection is transmitted from pregnant women to the child and can cause microcephaly, severe brain malformations, and other birth defects.

What are the Symptoms of Zika virus disease?

People infected with Zika may have a mild fever, skin rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain and fatigue that can last for two to seven days. As many as 80 percents of people infected never develop symptoms.

How to treat Zika virus infection?

Controlling Zika's spread requires eliminating mosquito breeding sites and taking precautions against mosquito bites such as using insect repellent and mosquito nets. The US and international health officials had advised pregnant women to avoid travel to Latin American and Caribbean countries, sections of Miami, Florida in the United States and Singapore where they may be exposed to Zika.
They are also advising that men and women who have traveled to Zika outbreak areas use condoms or abstain from sex for six months to prevent sexual transmission of the virus.


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