Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The origins of names of India.

India has many name due to its long and prosperous history.

Bharat:- Name is derived from the ancient Indian texts upon legendary Hindu king Bharata.  and official sanskrit name.

Hindustan:- Means Land between Himayalaya 'HI' and sindu river 'indu' given by Persian

India:- Denotes region beyond Indus river given by western countries

Aryavarta:-Name for India in classical Sanskrit Literature. Land of the Aryas (nobel men).

Jambudvip: Used in ancient scriptures for the name of India before Bharata became the         official name scriptures began using.

Tianzhu:-Chinese name for ancient India, translates roughly to "heaven center"

Tenjiku:- Japanese name for pre-modern era .Tian, means "heaven", while, jiku, means: "the  center of".


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