Sunday, 28 May 2017

Seven Mentally Damaging Habits You Need To Let Go

Let it Go

When we were toddlers, we didn’t understand much of this world. Our minds were too young to understand the way things worked. Because of our fragile age, we were often told how to think, behave, and even how to perceive our lives. The media, our environment, and social system taught us how to live our lives so we can fit in.

This is dangerous and disempowering.

You see, believe it or not, most of us have a lot of bad habits that we continue to practice each day. If you want to improve your life, you need to take those habits out of your life immediately!

Today we will talk about seven negative habits that are bringing you down and limiting your potential.

Here we go:

Memorizing Your To-Do List
1. Memorizing Your To-Do List
One of the negative habits a lot of people perform is keeping to-do lists in their heads. They never write down any of their plans and actions.
This is certainly not ideal, especially since it’s relatively easy to forget ideas and commitments. You might even end up experiencing a lot of stress trying to recall important events.

Neglecting Your Early Morning Hours
2. Neglecting Your Early Morning Hours
Our morning rituals dictate the quality of our days.
If your start fresh, you’re going to stay fresh the whole day. If you woke up late and spent your entire morning feeling lazy, your productivity for the day can suffer.
There are those good morning habits and also the bad ones. Before you start choosing which habits you should incorporate in your mornings, its best if you can learn how to sleep early.
Getting enough sleep doesn’t only make you more productive; it also makes you happier and more relaxed.
Avoid drinking excessive coffee, especially a few hours before your bed time. Refrain from watching TV and smoking packs of cigarettes before going to and ending your work.

Being Online Too Often
3. Being Online Too Often
Another bad habit most millennials have is overusing technology. They spend too much time on their social media profiles, instant messaging apps, and other online sites.
Although using technology and being online can help with your work, you should still pay attention to how much time you actually spend on your gadgets. Instead of spending most of your time scrolling through your friends’ profiles, put more focus on more purposeful actions, such as your education and personal growth.

Not Having Enough Sleep
4. Not Having Enough Sleep
Our sleep schedules are extremely important to our well-being and it’s not only because of the health issues. If we keep an organized sleeping cycle, we’re most likely to be more energized and productive during the day.
We can improve our lives just by making sure that we sleep enough hours and go to bed at approximately the same time each day.
Unfortunately, so many students and professionals are dealing with chaotic schedules. Their sleep cycle is extremely irregular, and that’s not so good for the human body and mind. If you happen to possess this bad habit, you must seriously consider maintaining an organized schedule.

Ignoring Pressing Matters
5.Ignoring Pressing Matters
While some people are experienced in dealing with problems in their lives, others tend to ignore and bury them deep inside. Eventually, these issues will show up unexpectedly and they will make that person’s life miserable. They will come back even stronger than they were the moment they were supposed to be fixed.
When you have personal or professional issues and pressing matters, do not ignore them. Do not leave them for “tomorrow” or for “next week”. It’s a lie, and you know it; you must take full responsibility and start fixing them right away.

Going With The Flow At The Wrong Time
6. Going With The Flow At The Wrong Time
Some of us are distracted by the smallest things. It could be a smell, thought, song or the people you encounter in a day. Whatever you are working on, it’s important that you don’t get distracted by any of these things. One good solution you can try is to take frequent short breaks and then immediately get back to work.
Taking breaks, however, is quite tricky. Since it’s relatively easy to lose track of time, your state of focus may have probably disappeared before you can get back to work. You’ll have to start over and this can kill productivity.

Not Appreciating The Good Habits
7. Not Appreciating The Good Habits
One of the bad habits some people have is neglecting to cultivate good habits in their lives. Take, for example, most millennials. Although they realize that good habits can offer a better life, they still choose not to focus and appreciate small consistent positive actions that can lead to success.


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