Friday, 26 May 2017

New Hack may be hiding in your movies subtitles.


A security software compony warns that subtitles downloaded from websites could harbor malware.
Subtitles for movies you watch via Popcorn Times and similar services might spell trouble for your computer or media device, a computer security company said this week.

A newfound vulnerability could let hackers take control of your gadget through malicious code inserted into the subtitle files, according to a report from Check Point Software Technologies. The vulnerability was identified in several streaming platforms, putting more than 200 million video players and streamers at risk, CNET said.

CNET identified Popcorn Times, VLC Kodi and Stremio as service affected by the vulnerability but said it believes similar problems exist in other platforms as well. VLC, Kodi and Stremio have already been fixed, and updated versions are available for download. Popcorn Time has been fixed, but the update isn't yet available for download from the official site.

The maker of Kodi, however, disputes the severity of the threat.


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