Saturday, 6 May 2017

Facebook launches Express wi-fi service in India

Social networking company Facebook has its Express wi-fi service launched in Indiaon 4th of May. It will part company providing Internet access via public Hotspot to users in rural areas of the country. The company had called the service after nearly a year of its controversial free Basics program had to retract.

Free Basics were granted free access to selected websites but express service paid model works and Internet access is not limited to a certain website. Under it, people can buy Daily, Weekly or monthly data pack to serve the public WiFi Hotspot.

Facebook has made partners, telecom major Bharti Airtel as part of this service. The company would provide Hotspot in more than 20,000 rooms in the next few months. Said in a statement on Facebook that, in India their is nearly 1.3 billion of the population but only 39 crore are connected to the Internet.


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