Saturday, 6 May 2017

Death penalty, no executioner in Tihar jail, who will hang Nirbhaya's culprits?

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The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of the convicts of Nirbhaya rape case. Court said sentencing the accused Akshay Takur, Vinay Sharma, Pavan Gupta and Mukesh that the Nirbhaya scandal is a tsunami of shock. The crime occurred with such vandalism that it can not be forgiven. "This decision was welcomed by all. Now a question has raised before the officials of tihar that how to implement this decision, because their is no hangman in the jails of Delhi.

- Earlier in 2013, when Afzal Guru, the one behind the Parliament attack, was to be hanged even then there was no executioner in the prisons of Delhi. At that time the executioner of Maharashtra was called.

- Experts say that the majority of executioner in Maharashtra is high as compared to Delhi.


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